Android is multi platform java application development framework. It has become the emerging standard development environment for mobile technology who wants to write a single source tree, port it to multiple platform with a simple code with java, xml and make it database capable, globalise it give a native look and feel and run it at super speed . After completion this course you will have a knowledge regarding android programming.

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Android Training Syllabus/ Course

  • Getting started with Android Programming….
  • All Core Java Concepts…
  • Introduction of android Framework
  • Android Development Tools
  • Creating Android Application and Activities.
  • All controls
  • View Groups(Gallery,Gridview..etc)
  • Working with Menus
  • Intent
  • 2DGraphics,2Danimation
  • Audio,Video
  • Preferences(with all controls)
  • Using File System (from Internal and External)
  • Accessing Sdcard
  • Database and Content Provider
  • Maps,Geocoding and Location Based Services
  • Parsing
  • Using wakeLoks
  • Android Text to Speech
  • Interprocess communication(Brodcast,Receivers)
  • Services Android
  • Paranoid Android
  • Using camere,SensorManager
  • Blutooth,Wi-fi