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Kubernetes is a compact, extensible, open-source stage for overseeing containerized remaining tasks at hand and administrations, that encourages both definitive arrangement and robotization. It has a huge, quickly developing biological system. Kubernetes administrations, backing, and devices are generally accessible. Why you need Kubernetes and what would it be able to do Compartments are a decent method to package and run your applications. In a creation domain, you have to deal with the compartments that run the applications and guarantee that there is no vacation. For instance, if a compartment goes down, another holder needs to begin. Wouldn't it be simpler if this conduct was dealt with by a framework? That is the means by which Kubernetes acts the hero! Kubernetes furnishes you with a structure to run disseminated frameworks versatilely. It deals with scaling and failover for your application, gives arrangement examples, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. For instance, Kubernetes can without much of a stretch deal with a canary organization for your framework. Kubernetes furnishes you with: Service revelation and burden adjusting Storage coordination Automated rollouts and rollbacks Automatic canister pressing Self-mending Secret and arrangement the executives